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Tools  //  PHP CrypterThis program used to encrypt or decrypt data using specific key passphrase with a wide variety of block algorithms.

PHP Crypter Web-Based Version 1.03

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PHP Crypter
Ciphers : Method :

Info :

  1. Program Name : PHP Crypter
  2. Version : 1.03
  3. Description :This program used to encrypt or decrypt data using specific key passphrase with a wide variety of block algorithms.
  4. Author : Christian Ditaputratama <>
  5. User Interface : Web-Based

You are free to download, use, modify this tools.
Download PHP Crypter version : 1.00 ( CLI ) Source Code.

The source code above is the erlier version of this Web-Based version. It is only use RIJNDAEL 256 cipher and should be executed from CLI. In order to run the tool, you need Mcrypt and Libmcrypt installed on your machine.

Usage :

Passphrase Key

In order to encrypt the content, The passphrase is transformed using the specified key generation algorithm, and a random salt. The produced value is then used as the key, which is fed to the algorithm. You should enter a passphrase long enough ( 512 characters is the maximum length ) or our default passpharse key will be used.

Do not rely on the fact that an algorithm has a large key size, try to use long passphrases and try to make them unpredictable.


The algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt. The algorithms currently supported with this tool are BLOWFISH(-COMPAT), CAST-128 (known as CAST5), CAST-256, DES, GOST, LOKI97, RC2, RC4, SAFERPLUS, SERPENT, 3DES, TWOFISH, RIJNDAEL-128 (AES Winner), RIJNDAEL-192, RIJNDAEL-256 ( RIJNDAEL 128, 192 and 256 stand for the length of the block size), WAKE and xTEA.

Algorithm Vulnerability: Most algorithms today are designed to resist in specific attacks. None of them is proved not to be vulnerable to some kind of attack.

For a brief description of the algorithms look at the libmcrypt manpage.


The method you want to use. Decrypt / Encrypt the content. Please note while you decrypting something and it show you an empty text area, it mean the content can't be decrypted. Remember your passpharse key and the cipher algorithm while encrypting content.


Place the text you want to encrypt or decrypt there. The content will be compressed before we encrypt it to gain efficiency ( faster encryption process ). For decrypting content, you should place all the encrypted content including the header :

Version: x.xx xxx (

And the footer :


So it can work as well.

Author Note :

Source Code for Web-Based will we launched soon. Many thanks to and mcrypt and libmcrypt author, Nikos Mavroyanopoulos.

ChangeLog :

Version 1.03 (Web-Based) | Sunday 26 August 2012[+] Adding cipher algorithm : BLOWFISH-COMPAT, ARCFOUR and WAKE.
[+] Getting around with AJAX request cross-domain policy.Version 1.02 (Web-Based) | Wednesday 9 Thursday 2012[+] Adding lots of cipher algorithm : BLOWFISH, CAST5, CAST-256, DES, GOST, LOKI97, RC2, SAFERPLUS, SERPENT, 3DES, TWOFISH, RIJNDAEL-128, RIJNDAEL-192, RIJNDAEL-256, and xTEA.Version 1.01 (Web-Based) | Wednesday 3 Friday 2012[+] From CLI version to Web-Based version.